About Me

HiInterning at NPR there!  I’m Jessica and I’m a freelance writer specializing in food, health, and science reporting.

Though I’m relatively new to journalism (less than a year ago I was defending my thesis on genes essential for blood development), I spent my summer writing for the NPR science desk as a 2012 AAAS Mass Media Fellow.  In my time at NPR, I reported on science topics ranging from the newest laboratory equipment on Mars and the shopping habits of millennials, to scary music and why your body (probably) doesn’t look like an Olympian’s.  My work appears on the NPR blogs Shots and The Salt, NationalGeographic.com, and has been highlighted on websites from ScientificAmerican.com and SmithsonianMag.com to Oprah.com and ApartmentTherapy.com.

In addition to these publications, I also co-founded and contribute to the science and communication community blog Figure One as a writer and blog editor.

Whether you’re smashing atoms to see what the universe is made of, or just wondering why that mozzarella on your pizza is so darn stringy, you’ve got a question.  And with my scientist’s perspective and conversational style, I want to help explain the answers.

Interested in my work?  Follow @jstollerconrad on Twitter, or feel free to send me an email at jstoll01[at]gmail.com.

Thanks for stopping by!